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Ośrodki kultury Cultural memory Bread thief can be seen in the Inner Harbour

Brötalyckornas Naturreservat - Nature Reserve

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Parki & Przyroda Interesting nature reserve southwest of the city centre

Fishing villages on Listerlandet

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Ośrodki kultury Along the coast of Listerlandet there are picturesque fishing villages

Galgabacken in Pukavik

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Ośrodki kultury Old place of execution in Pukavik east of Sölvesborg by E22. The last execution was 1854.

Hanö island

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Parki & Przyroda Hanö is a popular and spectacular island near Listerlandet

Hanö lighthouse

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Ośrodki kultury Lighthouse from 1904

Hjärthalla - Nature Reserve

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Parki & Przyroda Nature Reserve at Listerlandet near Mörby

Höga Rör

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Ośrodki kultury Mound from the bronze-age situated at the top of Mörby Hill.

Istaby village

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Ośrodki kultury Old village on Listerlandet

Lister Härads Tingshus - Court house

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Ośrodki kultury Sölvesborg´s and Lister´s Court house from 1919-1921. One of the town´s - and indeed one of Blekinge´s - most remarkable buildings, designed by the famous architect Gunnar Asplund.

Listers Huvud - Nature reserve

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Parki & Przyroda Lister's Head is one of Blekinge's largest nature reserve with an area of ​​about 450 ha.

Lörby Skog - Iron age mounds

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Ośrodki kultury At the northernmost farms in Lörby is an extensive area of ​​ancient burial grounds and fossil fields on the crest of a wooded beach grass. Burial facilities consist of stone ci...

Nicolaigården - historic building

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Ośrodki kultury Nicolai house was built originally as a spruthus in the 1830ies. A spruthus was a simple version of a fire station, a house where the water syringes were stored.

Norje tingshus

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Ośrodki kultury Norje is situated between the sea and the old lake Vesan. Here the road har passed since long ago. For a long time Norje was the court house for Lister District.

Parks in Sölvesborg

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Parki & Przyroda Sölvesborg has several beautiful parks

Railway station - historic building

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Ośrodki kultury Sölvesborgs railway station has a special architecture and has been classified as a heritage building

Ryssberget Nature Reserve

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Parki & Przyroda Nature reserve with great geological, historical and natural values. Follow signs from Tivoli Park in Sölvesborg.

S:t Enevolds källa

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Ośrodki kultury Medieval well south of Sölvesborg centre

Skinsagylet - Nature reserve

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Parki & Przyroda Skinsagylets Nature Reserve has a steep rift valley in the northern part of Russian Hill. From a vantage point one has a panoramic view of the Pukaviksbay.


Okolica: Sölvesborg  Mapa

Ośrodki kultury Culturally interesting buildings in the castle area

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