Zajęcia w Blekinge - 27 wyniki

Aktivitetsguide för dig som vill hitta vad du kan se och göra i just din stad.

Blekinge Fotbollsgolf

Okolica: Sölvesborg  Mapa

Dzieci & Rodziny, Golf, Sporty [...] Welcome to the newest and finest courses in South Sweden

Blekinge Paintball - Lister Sölvesborg

Okolica: Sölvesborg  Mapa

Sporty, ponadto Try paintball - perfect action and fun!

Boda Borg

Okolica: Karlskrona  Mapa

Dzieci & Rodziny, Sport & Rekreacja, Nöje [...] Boda Borg is an adventure for your mind, your physique, your creativity but above all for your team!

Borrow life jackets

Okolica: Karlskrona  Mapa

ponadto At the gas-station Preem, Blå Port Karlskrona, you can borrow different sizes and models of lifejackets for both adults and children.

Charging stations for electric cars

Okolica: Karlshamn  Mapa

ponadto In Karlshamn there are five charging stations for electric cars.

Creative KROMA

Okolica: Karlshamn  Mapa

ponadto Fun and creative activities for companies and groups.

Fenced dog parks in Karlskrona

Okolica: Karlskrona  Mapa

ponadto A dog park is a fenced area where the dog can run free.

Johannishus åsar

Okolica: Ronneby  Mapa

ponadto The ridge goes through a valley and creates a very alternately landscape.

Karlskrona City Library

Okolica: Karlskrona  Mapa

ponadto The City Library is centrally located in the Main Square in Karlskrona

Karlskrona Tourist Office

Okolica: Karlskrona  Mapa

Wycieczka z przewodnikiem, ponadto Welcome to Karlskrona Tourist Office!

kissing location

Okolica: Sölvesborg  Mapa

ponadto In the middle of the town square is Sölvesborgs special kissing location. Welcome to kiss!

Lindö udde

Okolica: Ronneby  Mapa

ponadto This cape is one of the best places in the county for bird watching.

Miniature golf - Hälleviks havsbad

Okolica: Sölvesborg  Mapa

ponadto Miniature-golf in Hällevik, by the sea.

Miniature golf - Tredenborgs camping

Okolica: Sölvesborg  Mapa

Sporty, ponadto Waterfronts miniature golf course at Tredenborg

Miniature Golf - Valjevikens Camping

Okolica: Sölvesborg  Mapa

Sporty, ponadto Popular mini-golf course at Valjeviken

Miniature golf at Ronneby Havscamping

Okolica: Ronneby  Mapa

Dzieci & Rodziny, ponadto Play miniature golf at Ronneby Havscamping.

Miniature golf in Ronneby Brunnspark

Okolica: Ronneby  Mapa

Dzieci & Rodziny, ponadto Play miniature golf in the lovely Ronneby Brunnspark.

Miniaturegolf - Alholmens Bad, Camping och Restaurang

Okolica: Sölvesborg  Mapa

Sporty, ponadto Miniaturegolf by the sea in Pukavik

Minigolf - Norje Boke Camping

Okolica: Sölvesborg  Mapa

ponadto Waterfronts mini golf course at Norje Boke Camping


Okolica: Ronneby  Mapa

Dzieci & Rodziny, Wycieczka z przewodnikiem, ponadto This is a place where you can find information about the cultural landscape and the outdoor life in Blekinge.

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