Zajęcia w Karlshamn, Blekinge - 21 wyniki

Aktivitetsguide för dig som vill hitta vad du kan se och göra i just din stad.

Adventure camp with Ursula's Adventure


ponadto, Dzieci & Rodziny Adventure track, pentathlon, multisport and adventure orientation.

Anglers Shop in Mörrum

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Pnadto, ponadto, Sklepy Well equipped anglers shop in Mörrum.

As time goes by


Antyki & Second Hand Vintage shop in the city center.

Blekinge Coffee

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Shopping, Sklepik warzywny, Kawiarnia/Cafe [...] Coffee, coffee tasting and coffee catering.

BM Design Center in Svängsta

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Shopping, Design & Rękodzieło Furniture design and decoration of the sharpest design brands in Europe.

Cave adventure with Ursula's Adventure


ponadto, Dzieci & Rodziny Guided tours with some of the most experienced cave researchers in Sweden.

Charging stations for electric cars

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ponadto In Karlshamn there are ten charging stations for electric cars.

Ekenberg's Auctions & Second hand


Antyki & Second Hand Second hand and auctions in Strömma.

Farm Shop - Elleholm

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Sklepik warzywny Locally grown vegetables, flowers and much more.

Farm shop - Riksdagsmannagården

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Sklepik warzywny, Kawiarnia/Cafe, Organic shop Vegetables, meat, fruit, jam, crafts and much more.

Forging & Metal crafts

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Design & Rękodzieło Art metalwork and unique meteorite knives.

Ljungsleds Plantskola

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Shopping, Sklepik warzywny Plants and interior for home and garden.

Mormors Bakeri

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Kawiarnia/Cafe, Organic shop, Restauracja [...] Cafe, shop, bed & breakfast and art.

Night Safari in Eriksberg


Wycieczka z przewodnikiem, ponadto Scandinavia's first real safari car takes you closer to the wild animals.

Outdoor Eriksberg

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Organic shop, Kawiarnia/Cafe, Sklepik warzywny Cafe and products from Eriksberg's own pantry.


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ponadto, Dzieci & Rodziny Paintball track located in Horsaryd in Karlshamn. On the website below you will find more information about the association "Fear no pain(t)", prices, phone numbers etc.



Antyki & Second Hand Second hand shop in the city center.

Rock climbing with Ursula's Adventure


ponadto, Dzieci & Rodziny Rock climbing in Blekinge.


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Antyki & Second Hand Old and new stamps, coins and postcards.

Ursulas Äventyr - adventure activities

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Boat, Canoe & Kayak, ponadto, Dzieci & Rodziny Kayaking, rock climbing and exciting activities.

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