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Kopparsträdets Hembageri - Sölvesborg

Okolica: Sölvesborg  Mapa

Kawiarnia/Cafe Koppargårdens Hembageri is a bakery and café in the city of Sölvesborg. Take a break from the shopping and have a coffee.

Kristianopels Gästgiveri

Okolica: Karlskrona  Mapa

Restauracja Here you can eat homemade food in a unique 1800s environment.

Kvarnen (Ahlbergs Bil)

Okolica: Karlshamn  Mapa

Restauracja Restaurant and catering.

La Romantica - Sölvesborg

Okolica: Sölvesborg  Mapa

Restauracja The restaurang La Romantica is located between the square and the harbour. Feel free to eat what ever you want, the manu is wide.

Långasjönäs Cafe

Okolica: Karlshamn  Mapa

Kawiarnia/Cafe Kiosk/cafe at Kolleviks campsite.

Lasses Kiosk & Grill

Okolica: Sölvesborg  Mapa

Restauracja Hamburgers, hot dogs and other dishes near the E22


Okolica: Karlshamn  Mapa

Restauracja, Kawiarnia/Cafe Cafe and restaurant at Tärnö.

Lilla Kök - Sölvesborg

Okolica: Sölvesborg  Mapa

Restauracja Take-Away at Hotel Edgar. Ecological pizza, soups and sallads.

Lilla Köksgården

Okolica: Ronneby  Mapa

Sklepik warzywny, Oferta gastronomiczna, Kawiarnia/Cafe Lilla Köksgården sells game meat, vegetables, eggs, jam, tea, juice, etc.

Marlenes tyska grillkrog - Ysane

Okolica: Sölvesborg  Mapa

Restauracja, Organic shop Grill restuant beside E22

Mjällby pizzabutik

Okolica: Sölvesborg  Mapa

Restauracja Take-away pizza.

Möllekulla Länsmansgård - Farm

Okolica: Sölvesborg  Mapa

Organic shop, Sklepik warzywny Möllekulla Länsmansgård is a farm located between Sölvesborg, Karlshamn and Olofström. The farm has its own store where you can buy delicacies such as potatoes, beets, carrots, ...

Mormors Bakeri

Okolica: Karlshamn

Kawiarnia/Cafe, Organic shop, Restauracja [...] Cafe, shop, bed & breakfast and art.

Norje Boke Restaurant

Okolica: Sölvesborg  Mapa

Restauracja The restaurang is open during the summer and is located close to the camping at Norje Boke. Eat something you like from the menu.

Norje Havskrog - Restaurant

Okolica: Sölvesborg  Mapa

Restauracja Restaurant at Norje seaside.

Nya Skafferiet

Okolica: Karlskrona  Mapa

Restauracja Café and lunch restaurant in Karlskrona center, by Stortorget (The Big Square).

NyBrygget Kaffebar - Tredenborg

Okolica: Sölvesborg  Mapa

Kawiarnia/Cafe NyBrygget is a cozy seaside café at Tredenborgs camping, offering coffee, lunch and dinner. Choose something nice from the menu and enjoy a good time in the garden.

Oasen - Sandviken

Okolica: Sölvesborg  Mapa

Restauracja Café and bar located on the beach in Sandviken

Örlycke Gårdsbutik

Okolica: Sölvesborg  Mapa

Organic shop, Sklepik warzywny Here you can buy your own and locally produced vegetables and berries. Homemade juice, jam and marmalade and big chicken bred on the farm.

Orranäs Gårdsmejeri

Okolica: Karlskrona  Mapa

Organic shop Orranäs Farm Dairy - Here you can buy local produced cheeses from goat and cow milk.

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