Adres: Kallingevägen 3, 372 39 Ronneby Pokaż mapę

Adres: Kallingevägen 3, 372 39 Ronneby

After Kockums enamels works were closed in the late 1970s, the old warehouse transformed into a Cultural Centre. After a dozen years, one of southern Sweden's largest Art Galleries was finished.

The business has expanded to include workshops in graphics, enamel and textiles, music and a Cultural Educational Centre, which is Ronneby cultural school.

The big exhibition hall is the largest cultural scene in Ronneby for concerts, theater and other cultural events. At the cultural center are a large and a small art gallery, auditorium with 106 seats, community radio, photo lab, workshops for graphic, textile and enamel and the restaurant Bergslagskrogen.

Open: Tue - Fri 11:00 to 16:00, Sat - Sun 11:00 to 15:00.
NOTE! The opening hours are valid only in conjunction with exhibitions. Free admission.

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