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Adres: Karlshamn

Experience Carlshamns nature in many different guises.

Come and explore the countryside surrounding Karlshamn and you will experience nature in many different guises. On off-shore islands such as Tjärö and along the coast at places like Stilleryd and Eriksberg you can wander through leafy woods or across open heaths dotted with junipers.

If you enjoy walking through ancient farmland, then you will find it around the village of Ire in the valley of the River Mieån. Phone: +46 (0)454-621 43

For more information about nature reserve, see the website or call +46 (0)455-870 00.

If you prefer roaming through forests, both coniferous and deciduous, then Långasjönäs and Käringahejan are places to visit.

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Eriksberg Vilt & Natur

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Eriksberg Vilt & Natur offers a very exclusive facility where the wild animals and nature walks like a red thread through the interior. Within the natural area, which is one of Northern Europe's largest wildlife reserves, we offer secluded accommodations for you who are looking for other experiences than a normal hotel.


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Karlshamn’s largest and newest hotel is located just steps away from the highway and interconnects with all of Europe. Yet, close to the delightful town, convivial archipelago, beatiful golf course, and of course phenomenal salmon fishing.

First Hotel Carlshamn

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You are cordially invited to a hotel that combines an international atmosphere with the genuine charm of a traditional Swedish city hotel.