Karlshamn Culture Quarter

Adres: Vinkelgatan 8, 374 38 Karlshamn Pokaż mapę

Adres: Vinkelgatan 8, 374 38 Karlshamn

Feel the history in this charming part of Karlshamn.

The museum is located in the cultural centre of Karlshamn - Kulturkvarteret.
Here you will find the old swedish punch factory, tobacco factory, an art gallery and the famous song writer for children Alice Tegners room. Skottbergska Gården is also in the cultural quarters, next to the art gallery. It is one of Sweden´s best preserved trading houses with roots from the late 18th century, orginal adornments and an apartment furnished in the style of that period.

C G Berg's factory was taken over by "the King of liquor" - L O Smith. He produced Carlshamns Flagg Punsch, which nowadays is produced by the state-controlled company for the sale of wine and spirits and can be bought in the State liquor shop.

J N von Bergen was a great businessman in Karlshamn. In addition to the liqour factory he ran a number of businesses. During a period of 20 years in the mid 19th century he was the largest producer of playing-cards in Sweden. J N von Bergen's liqour factory had an extensive production of Punsch, liqueur, and aquavit. The factory is rebuilt in the museum in an almost authentical setting, with equipment, machinery, bottles, wooden barrels, movables, trade books, awards, and other things from the factory. Everything is preserved!

Copies of old punsch glasses and playing-cards are sold by the museum.

Old Buildings
Old buildings in the Cultural Quarters are "Skottsbergska gården" - Manor House and Merchant's Structur - and "Holländarhuset" - Dutchman's House. Skottsbergska gården was built in 1766 and is considered to be among the best preserved merchant's structurs from older times in Sweden. Holländarhuset is the oldest building in the town, probably built for Dutch merchants during the 17th century.

Silversmith's Workshop
At the museum a Silversmith's Workshop is reconstructed in - almost - its every detail.

Printing Works
The local newspaper was printed by one and the same printing works from 1848 until the printing works was closed down in 1976. The composing room, office and bookbindery are preserved at the museum along with the Munktell printing press from 1830, which was used for the first issues of the local newspaper.

Dahlens Snuff
Karlshamn had several tobacco factories that produced cigarettes, cigarrs and snuff. One of those, Dahls tobacco factory, was established as early as 1798 and is represented at the museum with a collection of labels and posters.

L O Smith
L O Smith - "the King of Liqour" - started and ended his financial career in Karlshamn. The museum plans an exhibition on this remarkable man and wishes to get in touch with anyone who has something to tell about him.

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